Bon Appetit

“To Heaven by Ferry Boat”

Over on San Juan Island, my recommendation is to try the local Westcott Bay oysters at the Duck Soup Inn. Chef and owner Gretchen Allison lightly smokes them with applewood and presents them hot with a sauce based on what is in season. Although the oysters are popular, it is appropriate, considering Allisons stints at restaurants in California and Hawaii, that her menu has a focus more international than strictly northwest. “It often ends up being northwest since I use local products,” she said. “But, to keep it fresh and interesting, I try to pull in many cuisines from around the world.” While waiting for my Sri Lankan prawns with chilies, dates, lime, and dried mango, I noted that when it comes to wine, Allison favors the regional over the international. And, I have to admit that the Evesham Wood Pinot Noir 91, was not only excellent but helped me realize that the painting over my table was not an abstract work, but rather a still life of the first chainsaw on the island.